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British School of Marketing International is a business and marketing specialist college founded in 2014 that has grown to become a pathway to higher education and individual career opportunities for international students by helping them to progress to a large network of associate leading universities and companies in the UK and across the world.

We achieve this by using the latest, up to date technology and learning and teaching methodologies and experiences in our marketing, on our programmes and in our classrooms.

We believe that every student has the ability to become successful in their lives.

We aim to raise the number of students entering their final year of university and leading roles in industry by providing a strong foundation on which to build future successes.

We design personalised pathways courses, language studies, and professional programmes, to address the individuality of the student’s experience,
Our College has 5 classrooms seating a maximum of 15 students per class and an open access computer room for students to study quietly producing assignments, completing homework and improving their knowledge and skills.

BSMI is based in the centre of Bournemouth near to the UK’s number 1 award-winning beach and tourist destination, on the beautiful prehistoric Dorset coastline and famous botanical gardens, all 5-minutes’ walk from our main building.

We’ve chosen to call Bournemouth an international student home as for many years, it has been a peaceful welcoming centre for many people from many different backgrounds, coming from all corners of the Earth.

Life within this small seaside town is rich in cultural opportunities where our students can mix fully with other students into life in the UK.

It is here that we look to welcome students from across the world to begin their path towards success.

Our Vision & Values

“Our vision is to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in every student through courses with a real-world focus on business built upon practical knowledge.”


We aim to become a leading international business college to help all our students to discover their true potential, develop their entrepreneurial spirit and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to become future leaders of industry and commerce.

We achieve this aim through discovering unique learning style of each student and complementing this with the latest teaching methodologies on our professional and university pathways courses that will assist them in their personal, academic and professional lives.

Our core belief is that the student is at the centre of everything we do to help to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of students and assist them in reaching their full potential in a safe, friendly, academic and professional environment through use of the latest advanced digital technology to maximise their learning experience so that every student can achieve their life’s purpose when presented with the opportunity.

Our Mission

As an international Business College, BSMI acts as a strong foundation for our students’ future progression at University or as highly proficient professionals, fully equipped for their chosen career in a fast changing, global, digital marketplace.

  • To discover the future aspirations of our students
  • To help all students to discover their natural learning style
  • To match the learning needs of our students to the programme of studies that best suits their needs
  • To offer a wide range of professional and University pathways programmes in business
  • To facilitate student development towards progression to higher ranking UK Universities and senior management positions in industry and commerce.
  • To offer every student the hands-on knowledge they will need to find success in their lives, whether that means starting a career in industry or continuing their education within a university setting
  • To continue to recruit dedicated  teachers with relevant experience and interpersonal skills complementing our company vision, mission and ethos who have the ability to transform our students into successful individuals in their personal, academic and professional lives.
  • We have an ongoing Continuous Professional Development CPD Programme for all teachers and staff to enhance the provision of courses and support services to students and enhance their overall learning and teaching experience
  • To apply teaching methodologies appropriate to the learning style, needs and aspirations of the students
  • To ensure that all staff comply with the College’s strict safeguarding rules and regulations
  • To ensure that the professional and University pathways programmes are designed to match the personal, academic and professional needs and goals of our international students
  • To expand our network of high-ranking partnered universities
  • To offer opportunities at a higher education level
  • To exceed the academic standards set by our accreditation and awarding bodies
  • To enable students to reach their potential within a safe learning environment by strictly adhering to our safeguarding rules and regulations.
  • To maintain a professional and supportive approach to our students by ensuring that our teachers communicate our core values regularly by keeping them up to date with the latest academic and professional learning and teaching practices.
  • To ensure that our student support team operates transparent and effective channels of communication with our students, partners, agents, host families, universities and awarding bodies giving informed and relevant advice to all internal and external stakeholders.
Safeguarding Mission Statement

BSMI is 100% committed to keeping children and under 18s safe in all areas of college life, whether in the College, at their homestay or during one of the College’s organised activities.

The college has a very clear and strict safeguarding policy and ethos which makes sure that all students especially under 18s are suitably protected at all levels, physically, sexually, mentally, socially, and emotionally during their living and learning experience whilst they are studying a at BSMI.

All management, staff and home stay providers are trained in safeguarding to ensure that no children or under 18s suffer any form of physical, sexual, mental, social, emotional abuse or neglect during their programmes at BSMI.

We have a Designated Safeguarding Lead – DSL who monitors all safeguarding within the college including staff and homestay training, DBS checks, safeguarding induction sessions, regular meetings with under 18s as well as liaising with local safeguarding agencies regularly and when necessary.
All staff, teachers and host families must provide a DBS certificate before being allowed to work with or host students. This certificate is renewed every 1 to 3 years respectively.

BSMI constantly monitors the welfare and safety of its students and deals with any issues as early as possible referring individuals to the appropriate agencies where necessary.
Once a week, the safeguarding officer meets with under 18s as a group to check that everything is OK and to discuss any issues they may be having. If needed, students may also have extra 1:1 meetings with the safeguarding officer.

Any issues reported regarding the safeguarding of students are immediately dealt with and appropriate safety specialists or authorities e.g. Dorset NEXUS / MASH.

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